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Be Dapper - toki market


Condition: Excellent Condition

Seller Notes: Used probably once. No stains or signs of wear. Still has zipper pull plastic.

Farm-to-table fashionable … meet toki market! Your toki green thumb will show through with this fabulous farmer’s market situated on a background of pale yellow, peach, and green. Scoop up bundles of organic fruits and veggies watermarked on the background amidst our toki friends perusing home-grown goodies. If your sweet tooth is hankering for a treat, check out the bustling booths with donuts and chocolate galore. Once you’ve loaded up on your sustainable snacks, get ready for a picnic on the bright green gingham tablecloth lining. Keep your precious produce secure with brushed silver hardware including a sunflower on double zippered bags, as well as a special collectible zipper pull friend on every bag. Certified vine-ripened cuteness! Mother Earth will be so happy when you check out this new tokidoki x JuJuBe print available this spring, just in time for all those fresh fruits and veggies to grow!

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