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Zealous Backpack - Catch the Golden Snitch


Condition: New With Tags

Seller Notes: NO CHANGE PAD! I REALLY wanted to use this for our Universal Studios trip, but we ended up not going. :( This one will still be HARD to let go of since it is Retired Harry Potter!! Beautiful Snitch Placements!!

Grab your broomstick, head to the quidditch pitch, and seek for our latest Harry Potter x JuJuBe print! Catch the Golden Snitch™ has everything your team needs to win the League Cup! Fly through the clouds and spot the house insignias and delicate scrolls outlined in dark brown upon a sepia toned twill background. Grab your beater’s bat to launch the bludger across the sky, or sail to the hoops at the end of the pitch and score points with the quaffle! Don’t forget to look inside to spot colorful house shields and flags atop a checkerboard of grey lining. Brushed antique brass hardware boasts a Hogwarts Crest on the main pulls and house flags on the rectangular pulls. Everyone's a winner because you can personalize this neutral bag with one of four House Packs (sold separately)! Each House Pack contains an adjustable crossbody strap, brushed antique brass house crest, and tassel in traditional house colors. Whether you are Gryffindor, Hugglepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, you’ll agree that this hand-sketched print is a magical masterpiece! Catch the Golden Snitch™ and celebrate your triumph! P.S. Don’t throw away your hangtag, it doubles as a bookmark … how’s that for eco-friendly.

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See my other items to save on shipping! :) I feel like I need to "hoard" what JJB I have left, since it looks like everything will be either discontinued or changing…